Kitchen remodeling can be stressful. With choices abounding in cabinets, backsplashes, tiles, hardware, appliances, etc. – there are so many decisions to be made.


When it comes to cabinets, there are 3 main aesthetics on the market, each meeting different needs for different Plano kitchen remodels:


Wood Cabinets


When you think of cabinets, you immediately think of wood. It’s the industry standard. They are traditional, and frankly, they are the expected cabinet type. The beauty of wood cabinets is that they can be customized to fit any design and style within your Dallas kitchen remodel. Not only are a variety of woods available, but many varieties of wood stain well – particularly oak – so you can get the exact color you are looking for with ease. If you are looking for a timeless material that is versatile and appealing to all, then wood is an excellent option for you.


Open Shelf Cabinets


Open shelving is beautiful and trendy, and often used to highlight a certain part of the kitchen or be used to display pretty dishes that a homeowner has. Open shelving offers an airy openness to the kitchen and is usually seen as more trendy or modern. While appealing to many kitchen designers, open cabinetry is not without flaws. If you are going for an open concept kitchen, you have to keep all shelves organized and pretty at all times. Not to mention, dust can accumulate on the shelving, requiring you to keep them clean – just as you would any other shelf. Open shelves are often used in combination with wooden cabinets so that you can highlight certain dishes or store commonly used items, and then put the rest out of sight.


Flat Panel Cabinets


If you want something inherently modern in your Dallas kitchen remodel, then you might want to look into flat panel cabinets. Flat panel cabinets are simply that – cabinets with no ornamentation – and so they are contemporary and sleek by nature. Many are made of metal, while they can also be made out of wood.


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