5 Ways to use Reclaimed Wood in your Plano Kitchen Remodel


5 Ways to use Reclaimed Wood in your Plano Kitchen Remodel

What was old is new, and homeowners in Plano are frequently asking for natural elements in their kitchen remodel that bring in warmth and a sense of history to the space. Farmhouse trends – aka the “Fixer Upper style” – has been all the rage for a few years now, and reclaimed wood accents are big part of that style. We love the look of reclaimed wood in the home because new spaces quickly feel cozier and more lived in.


Want more natural, reclaimed wood in your home? Let Pedigo Construction incorporate one of these beautiful design features in your Plano kitchen remodel:



An easy way to add warmth, charm, and emphasis to a room is with cedar beams. The beams can be stained dark or refinished in a lighter, more natural wood tone. Even if you do not have high ceilings in the kitchen, beams can accentuate an entryway or bar area.


Sliding Barn Door

Barn doors a beautiful way to add character and charm to any kitchen – new or old. Barn doors are perfect for pantrys, Butler’s pantrys, or adjacent laundry rooms.


Kitchen Accents

Want to make a statement in the kitchen? Try accenting with reclaimed wood. Cover part of an island with reclaimed wood, or use it to frame out a vent hood. The possibilities are endless!


Open Shelving

If you have beautiful dishes that you want seen, accentuate them with open shelving made of reclaimed wood. The beauty of open shelving is that it can be incorporated in spaces both large and small. Pedigo Construction also loves its versatility – beautiful in traditional or more modern kitchens.


Planked Hardwood Flooring

Did you know that reclaimed wood beams can be turned into hardwood planks for floors? Reclaimed wood floors add instant charm and history to any home, not to mention they are absolutely stunning!


Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas specializes in North Texas kitchen remodels, and we’d love to help you get started with yours! Give us a call today for a free consultation.


Estimating your Home Remodel - Pedigo Construction


Estimating your Home Remodel - Pedigo Construction

The first question most clients want answered is, “how much is this home remodeling project going to cost?”


While each project is different and it’s hard to answer this question definitively, Pedigo Construction can offer some guidelines for mid-level to high-end remodeling in Plano.


First and Foremost – Choose a Quality Remodeling Company

Not all pricing is created equally. Before our team at Pedigo Construction can answer the question of how much, it’s important to consider that some projects or areas of a project can be “value engineered” to cut costs and others cannot. We love cutting costs for clients where we can! But then there are other areas where you need a proven Plano contractor to do the work, and while it may be more expensive, the craftsmanship shows. Plus – there is no fear of needing to go back and redo something that was done wrong or below standards.


Our Team Offers Solutions to Fit your Budget

Once the home remodel has been defined, our design experts at Pedigo will sit down with you – our client – and determine what ideas, materials, lighting options, etc. will work best within your space and your budget. Our team is expertly trained to offer beautiful solutions, all while keeping you within your budget.


Ballpark Remodeling Figures

Pedigo Construction specializes in mid-to-high end kitchen and bath remodels, and below are figures based on recently completed projects. Again, each project is different and prices can vary, but these ballpark figures can give you some perspective before you begin your project.

kitchen remodel costs plano
bathroom remodel costs plano

Are you ready to begin your Plano home remodel? Pedigo Construction is ready to talk with you! Set up a consultation today. Colin Pedigo was recently named to Professional Remodeler’s 40 Under 40 List, and we are very proud to be named a top remodeler in Plano.



Gorgeous Ways to use Arches in your Plano Home Remodel

Whether your style is classic, contemporary, farmhouse, Mediterranean, etc. – arches are the perfect way to add character to just about any home. As you are thinking about remodeling your Plano home, take a look at these gorgeous ways to incorporate arches into your next project:



Arches make the perfect focal point for bathtubs in master bathroom remodels. Freestanding tubs look stunning when highlighted with an arch overhead.


Room Transitions

Want an open concept Plano home remodel, but also want to preserve the feel of distinct spaces? Try putting an beautiful arch between the rooms to architectural separate, all while leaving the room wide open. This is a very popular option between living spaces and dining spaces.


Focal Point

Want to make a wall or transition stand out? Try using an arched wall - made out of a different material - to define the space and add character. We love using brick and stone to create transitions that pop.



Front doors set the tone for your entire home. What a guest sees as they walk up to your Plano home gives them a reflection of your home’s style. Why not add a “wow” factor with a gorgeous, arched door? These can be used on the exterior or interior of the home.



Think arches only belong in traditional style homes? Think again! Arches can add character throughout any home remodel, and another great way to use them – even if your style is more casual in nature – is to incorporate them into bookshelves. It’s a beautiful look for living rooms or home offices.



1990s arched windows are out, but full-length, full panel arched windows are very much in. Not only do they add a modern flare, but they also allow tons of natural light into your home.


Ready to get started on your Plano home remodel? Call Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas today for a consultation. We’re ready to make your dreams come true!



5 Ways to Maximize your Master Bedroom Closet


5 Ways to Maximize your Master Bedroom Closet

When doing a master bedroom remodel at Pedigo Construction, one of our clients’ top requests is for a master closet overhaul.


Whether you are completely gutting your closet and starting fresh with a brand new, custom closet or trying to make an existing small closet work for you, consider these 5 ways to maximize your master bedroom closet:


·      Create a System: Think about the size, shape, and height of your closet and determine what type of shelving, hooks, clothing bars, drawers, etc. would work in your closet to maximize the space for YOU. There are so many amazing design options out there. Cubbies are great for sweaters and pants. Corner carousels can maximize weird nooks in the corner of your closet. Pedigo Construction is always happy to help draw up a plan for any level of master closet remodel in Plano.


·      Consider Eye Level: No matter what system you end up using, put the items you use the most at eye level. Hanging bars are perfect for this height because you can easily breeze through shirts and blouses that are worn daily.


·      Rotate Clothing Seasonally: Just as you want to put clothes you use often at eye level, you want to keep seasonally appropriate clothes within easy reach as well. Rotate out-of-season clothing to the back of the closet or consider storing on an upper shelf.


·      Use the 6 Month Rule: If you haven’t worn something within 6 months, donate it! Decluttering is one of the most effective ways to gain space in the closet. Let that dress you haven’t worn in years go to a new home where it will be loved.


·      Reconsider the Door Space: A closet door can be a much needed source for additional storage options. Or if it’s in the way, a door can be eliminated completely and replaced with a stylish sliding barn door.


Looking to do a master closet remodel in Plano? Call Pedigo Construction and let us bounce around ideas and lay out a plan that works for your budget and space.


Photo courtesy  frining.com

Photo courtesy frining.com



How to Mix Metals in Your Plano Bathroom Remodel

Remember when it was a total faux pas to mismatch your metals?


If you wore a gold necklace, everything needed to be gold. But that is no longer the case with jewelry – or bathroom fixtures!


Pedigo Construction is seeing a growing trend toward mixing the metals you use in your bathroom remodel, creating a look that is refined and uniquely yours. However, there are a few tricks to make sure your mix-matched metals look refined – not careless. Follow these guidelines for creating the perfect bathroom with metals of all types and finishes:


1.     Use 3 Metals Maximum

It’s great to see different metals – bronze, gold, stainless, etc. – all used in harmony, but don’t get carried away! Using more than 3 types of metal in your Plano bathroom remodel can make the bathroom feel disjointed and lacking in continuity.


2.     Pair by Finishes

If you love the look of polished stainless steel, then adding other polished finishes will compliment well. Or maybe try an oil rubbed bronze with brushed nickel. The subtle contrast will be easier on the eyes when the finishes are in unison. 

Image courtesy  Vintage Industrial Style .

Image courtesy Vintage Industrial Style.



3.     Apply the 2-to-1 Ratio Rule

Want an easy way to make sure the metals balance? Use one type of metal for two-thirds of the bathroom remodel, then use complimentary metals for the final third. This simple trick provides continuity without sacrificing style.


4.     Contrast Warm and Cool Hues

Spice up your bathroom by mixing cooler metals with those that have brighter, warmer undertones. This trick is especially useful in homes with a modern, more contemporary design style.


Still not sure what fixtures to put in your Plano bathroom remodel? Call Pedigo Construction today. Our team of design experts is happy to walk you through the process, helping you design and build the home of your dreams. We specialize in bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, home additions, and just about any design-build project you can think of.


5 Tips for Helping You Survive a Plano Home Remodel


5 Tips for Helping You Survive a Plano Home Remodel

Contracts are signed, start date has been set, and you are ecstatic about your Plano home remodel. But is there also a little apprehension tucked in there?


At Pedigo Construction, we always try to prepare our customers for the ups and downs of the remodeling process and assure them that all the inconveniences are worth it when they see the final product! Here are 5 tips to help you survive a home remodel with less stress and discomfort:


1.     Beware of the Noise: Yes, a home remodel is noisy. Contractors try their best to keep the noise to a minimum, but there is no way to avoid the sawing and nailing that comes with a home remodel. If you generally work from home or have young children at home who still nap, consider alternatives to your schedule to help with stress levels and create rhythm.


2.     Remember that Dust is Normal: With virtually every construction project – whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, etc. – there will be dust. Pedigo Construction does everything possible to shield unaffected parts of the home, but dust migration may be inevitable. Talk with your HVAC man before the project to see if it is possible to block vents, turn off units, etc. to help alleviate the issue.


3.     Set Aside 10-20% Extra Cash: If you’ve ever watched one of those home renovation shows, you know that they nearly always run into some sort of unexpected issue that leads to an additional cost. Change orders and unexpected surprises are the top two reasons why projects go over budget, but you don’t have to let these things catch you by surprise. Plan to have 10-20% extra cash on hand to alleviate stress if an issue arises or you want to make changes to the original construction plan.


4.     Expect Delays: We would love to say delays don’t happen; but unfortunately, they do. Ordered parts take twice as long to arrive, the weather doesn’t always cooperate, and people get sick. Pedigo Construction will always keep you informed on the current schedule for your Plano home remodel, helping alleviate stress along the way.


5.     Rejoice in the Little Things: With all the headaches, it’s great to see the home remodel come together! Let yourself get excited when a carefully selected countertop is installed or the floors are laid and look perfect. Rejoicing in the little things will help you gain perspective on what’s to come!



6 Remodeling Tips to Help you Age in Place - Pedigo Construction

As you reach middle age, you may begin to consider how your home suits you as you age. The goal for many is to “age in place,” meaning having a home that can compensate for the natural changes that occur during the aging process. Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas specializes in design builds, and we often talk to customers about universal design features that can make their home great for their lifestyle now – and when the reach their golden years.


When considering a Plano home remodel, visit with the experts at Pedigo Construction and consider these tips for helping you age in place:


·      Incorporate Tons of Light: Lighting makes any space feel bigger and is beneficial at any age. Contrasts in surfaces helps you see everything more clearly – no matter your age. Consider adding extra recessed lighting, lamps, and task lighting in areas of high usage.

·      Put Appliances Within Reach: When doing a Plano kitchen remodel, place your appliances as close to eye level as possible to prevent bending down. Consider wall ovens, raised washers, dryers, and dishwashers, built-in refrigerator drawers, and more.

·      Add Pullout Drawers within Cabinets: Speaking of remodeling the kitchen, when purchasing new cabinets, add pullout drawers within the cabinets for easy access to everything. It’s so much easier to find things when you aren’t bending over, peering into the back of the cabinet.

·      Pick Levers over Doorknobs: Levers on doors throughout the home are so much easier to open than having the strength and dexterity to turn a knob.

·      Widen All Doorways: If you are creating an addition to your home – particularly a new master suite – consider widening the doorways. Even if you can’t physically do that, remove molding or use an offset hinge to create more space in the opening.

·      Comfort Height Toilets are a Plus: Less bending is always appreciated, and comfort height toilets are a great solution, as they are typically 2-3 inches higher than traditional toilets.


If you are looking for a Plano remodeling company to help you remodel your home for the long-term, give Pedigo Construction a call today. 

Photo courtesy of  TLC

Photo courtesy of TLC



Design Files: Going Beige to Greige - Pedigo Construction Plano

In North Texas, we’ve got a lot of beige. Warm travertine, golden granite, beige walls – these are staples in most homes in the Plano area.


“But the magazines are telling me grey is the thing! How do I convert my beige home to something more greige?!”


Pedigo Construction gets this question a lot. While Pedigo is a leading home remodeler in Plano, we also specialize in design build projects, which means our designers are up to date on the latest trends. Grey has been hot in home interiors for the last couple years, with no end in sight. If you can’t do an entire kitchen remodel or home remodel with Pedigo Construction right now, here are a few tips for making the transition to greige seamlessly:


·      Paint the Walls Dark Grey: This may sound too bold, but color is all relative to the colors around it. If you have a cool grey paint sample, it’s not going to compliment a creamy white trim. But paint the walls a rich, deep grey, and suddenly those creamy trim pieces look brighter and whiter. Consider Sherwin Williams Dovetail for a sophisticated transformation.


·      Buy Warm Greige Paint: Looking for a lighter, airy grey interior but don’t want to rip out all of your warmer accent tiles and countertops? Consider a grey that has warm undertones and hints of brown, something that will more seamlessly work with the warm tones already in the home. Some of our favorites include Sherwin Williams Repose Grey, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, and Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.


·      Neutral Accents Can do Wonders: Consider substituting out old accent pieces for new ones, complete with shades of grey, tan, and cool blues all in one. Many of today’s modern accent pieces blend beige and grey to help you make this transition flawlessly.


Need help transitioning your home from beige to greige? Call the experts at Pedigo Construction today and ask to speak to one of our Plano designer experts. Our team of experts can help you make a graceful transition to grey today!


4 Kid-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - Pedigo Construction


4 Kid-Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - Pedigo Construction

For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. 50 years ago, a kitchen might only need to be functional for a wife and mother, as most kitchens were set apart from the living spaces and solely used for prep. Not so today. Kids and families all gather in the kitchen together, so why not make it kid-friendly? When doing a kitchen remodel in Plano, consider these kid-friendly remodeling ideas:


Refrigerator Drawers

Built-in refrigerator drawers are perfect for little hands looking for snacks or cold drinks. No longer should you think of your refrigerator as the sole place to keep things cold in the kitchen. Refrigerator drawers can be placed anywhere in the kitchen for food prep storage or easy assess for even the smallest family members.

Photo courtesy  Curtos Appliances

Photo courtesy Curtos Appliances


Deep Storage Drawers

When children are involved, you may want to rethink the way you store your dishes. Commonly used dishes and silverware can be stored in deep storage drawers vs. upper cabinets for children to assess. And bonus – place the drawer next to the dishwasher and teach your child to responsibly unload the dishwasher and put dishes away.


Large Island

As the hub of the home, the kitchen tends to be the place for all family members to gather. You may want your children in the kitchen with you, but you may not want them under-foot when preparing dinner. Add a large island into your Plano kitchen remodel, perfect for children to do homework, eat a quick snack, or just visit. If done right, not only will it be functional, but a statement piece in your home.

Photo courtesy of  house.tostbistro.com

Photo courtesy of house.tostbistro.com


Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

When children are involved, easy of use is top priority, and this is especially true of high traffic countertops. While that gorgeous Carrera marble may be tempting, opt for a quartz look-alike. Not only is quartz more cost effective, but it’s more durable and stain resistant than marble and granite, and more shock absorbent too.

Photo courtesy of  William French

Photo courtesy of William French


Looking for an award-winning contractor to help you with your Plano kitchen remodel? Give Pedigo Construction a call today! Our team of experts would love to help you build your dream kitchen from start to finish.




5 Essentials for your Outdoor Kitchen


5 Essentials for your Outdoor Kitchen

Summertime is almost here; can you smell the burgers on the grill?!


Now is the time to get your patio ready for summer. Pedigo Construction still has time to make all of your outdoor dreams come true, specializing in outdoor kitchens, pergolas, arbors, fireplaces, firepits, and more. When thinking through your outdoor kitchen, here are 5 essentials you cannot leave out:


1.     Room to Breathe


One of the beautiful things about adding an outdoor kitchen or patio is that it adds square feet of living space – at a fraction of the cost. Resist the urge to skimp on space, and make sure there is ample room to move, prep food, and mingle. You want the space to flow naturally between lounging, eating, and prepping zones.


2.     Grill


This probably goes without saying for an outdoor kitchen, but it goes beyond just having a grill. Make sure you consider how your family will be using the grill, how often, how many people you will be cooking for regularly, etc. A nice, 36” grill with infared technology should do the trick for most outdoor kitchens spaces.


3.     Ample Counter Space


Plan to have a minimum of 12 inches of counter space on each side of the grill, allowing plenty of room for prepping and handling the food. Make sure these surfaces can withstand hot platters, using materials like stone, concrete, or tile.


4.     Patio Covering


In Texas, the summer heat is sweltering. When creating a Plano outdoor kitchen, leave room in the budget for a pergola, arbor, or patio cover that not only adds a “wow” factor to your outdoor space, but shields you from the rays. Find a contractor that specializes in designing spaces that seamlessly blend with the rest of your home.


5.     The Details


It’s the little things that set your patio apart from the rest and give you less headaches in the future. How will you get music to your outdoor kitchen? What about electricity? Do you need fans or lighting? Work through all the seemingly small details of the outdoor space and build in functionality wherever possible.


Not sure where to begin on your Plano outdoor kitchen? Call Pedigo Construction today! We still have time to make your backyard an oasis before summertime is here. Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the process, working out the details so that you don’t have to!

outdoor living space plano


Colin Pedigo Named to Professional Remodeler's 40 Under 40


Colin Pedigo Named to Professional Remodeler's 40 Under 40

We are thrilled and honored to announce that President and Founder of Pedigo Construction, Colin Pedigo, has been named to the 2016 Professional Remodeler Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list.


About Professional Remodeler’s 40 Under 40


ProRemodeler’s 40 Under 40 list highlights the best of the best in the home remodeling field. From best business practices to innovation, these 40 hand-picked winners truly standout in their field. Winners include all aspects of home improvement, including design, remodeling, sales, project management, marketing, and construction, and range in age from 23 – 39 years of age. Selected from all over the United States, each one has found innovative ways to bring their home remodeling services to a whole new level.


About Colin Pedigo


Colin Pedigo has been spent many years honing his craft, working both in residential and commercial construction and in commercial landscaping. He was selected to the 40 Under 40 list for his innovative business practices, most notably his incorporation of Castle Doctor into the business model for Pedigo Construction. Castle Doctor is a top notch home maintenance company also owned by Pedigo, and he leverages this business to add-value to his remodeling clients, supplying them with months of free service on the tail-end of a home remodel in Plano. Castle Doctor services are just one way that Pedigo has learned to cater to his customer, providing superior customer service that produces repeat customers for future home remodeling projects. Pedigo Construction specializes in design build projects, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, outdoor kitchens, home additions, and just about any other project you may want to do within your home.


Congratulations to Colin Pedigo for his continued commitment to the highest level of service in the home remodeling industry! What an honor it is to be selected and honored by peers who know the business inside and out. 

colin pedigo plano


Home Trends: Essentials for a Mudroom - Pedigo Construction Plano


Home Trends: Essentials for a Mudroom - Pedigo Construction Plano

The mudroom has come a long way since it’s origins. What was once a place to throw your bags and take off shoes has now become a hub of the home. If you are remodeling a Plano area home, we highly recommend adding a custom mudroom to the plan. Adding a mudroom does not have to be expensive and will pay dividends down the road in terms of resale and usability. You will wonder how you ever lived without a mudroom! Consider these essentials for planning your Plano mudroom today:


1.     Space for All


Pedigo Construction works with busy families every days – in fact we are busy families ourselves! – so we know a thing or two about all of the “stuff” that is brought in and out of the home each day. Soccer cleats, dance bags, purses, etc. When creating a mudroom, consider your family activities, and then give everyone their own unique space to store their personal gear. Most commonly this is done with easily accessible hooks, or even lockers for each family member.


2.     Non-skid, durable floors


Consider using a durable, non-skid floor in your mudroom space. Due to the high traffic, the floor will likely get muddy and wet on a regular basis, so easy cleaning is a must. Plus, you would hate for someone to slip and fall with wet shoes!


3.     Make it the Hub of the Home


Most custom, new construction Plano homes include elaborate mudrooms, with the idea that the mudroom is the hub of the home. Some are adjoined with the laundry room in a large, free-flowing space; others include an office and workspace for paying bills or working remotely. Consider adding an office, gift wrapping station, crafting area, and more to your Plano mudroom.


If you would like to include a mudroom with your Plano remodel, give Pedigo Construction a call today! Our team can design and build a mudroom to suit YOUR family’s specific needs.