Contracts are signed, start date has been set, and you are ecstatic about your Plano home remodel. But is there also a little apprehension tucked in there?


At Pedigo Construction, we always try to prepare our customers for the ups and downs of the remodeling process and assure them that all the inconveniences are worth it when they see the final product! Here are 5 tips to help you survive a home remodel with less stress and discomfort:


1.     Beware of the Noise: Yes, a home remodel is noisy. Contractors try their best to keep the noise to a minimum, but there is no way to avoid the sawing and nailing that comes with a home remodel. If you generally work from home or have young children at home who still nap, consider alternatives to your schedule to help with stress levels and create rhythm.


2.     Remember that Dust is Normal: With virtually every construction project – whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, etc. – there will be dust. Pedigo Construction does everything possible to shield unaffected parts of the home, but dust migration may be inevitable. Talk with your HVAC man before the project to see if it is possible to block vents, turn off units, etc. to help alleviate the issue.


3.     Set Aside 10-20% Extra Cash: If you’ve ever watched one of those home renovation shows, you know that they nearly always run into some sort of unexpected issue that leads to an additional cost. Change orders and unexpected surprises are the top two reasons why projects go over budget, but you don’t have to let these things catch you by surprise. Plan to have 10-20% extra cash on hand to alleviate stress if an issue arises or you want to make changes to the original construction plan.


4.     Expect Delays: We would love to say delays don’t happen; but unfortunately, they do. Ordered parts take twice as long to arrive, the weather doesn’t always cooperate, and people get sick. Pedigo Construction will always keep you informed on the current schedule for your Plano home remodel, helping alleviate stress along the way.


5.     Rejoice in the Little Things: With all the headaches, it’s great to see the home remodel come together! Let yourself get excited when a carefully selected countertop is installed or the floors are laid and look perfect. Rejoicing in the little things will help you gain perspective on what’s to come!