As you reach middle age, you may begin to consider how your home suits you as you age. The goal for many is to “age in place,” meaning having a home that can compensate for the natural changes that occur during the aging process. Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas specializes in design builds, and we often talk to customers about universal design features that can make their home great for their lifestyle now – and when the reach their golden years.


When considering a Plano home remodel, visit with the experts at Pedigo Construction and consider these tips for helping you age in place:


·      Incorporate Tons of Light: Lighting makes any space feel bigger and is beneficial at any age. Contrasts in surfaces helps you see everything more clearly – no matter your age. Consider adding extra recessed lighting, lamps, and task lighting in areas of high usage.

·      Put Appliances Within Reach: When doing a Plano kitchen remodel, place your appliances as close to eye level as possible to prevent bending down. Consider wall ovens, raised washers, dryers, and dishwashers, built-in refrigerator drawers, and more.

·      Add Pullout Drawers within Cabinets: Speaking of remodeling the kitchen, when purchasing new cabinets, add pullout drawers within the cabinets for easy access to everything. It’s so much easier to find things when you aren’t bending over, peering into the back of the cabinet.

·      Pick Levers over Doorknobs: Levers on doors throughout the home are so much easier to open than having the strength and dexterity to turn a knob.

·      Widen All Doorways: If you are creating an addition to your home – particularly a new master suite – consider widening the doorways. Even if you can’t physically do that, remove molding or use an offset hinge to create more space in the opening.

·      Comfort Height Toilets are a Plus: Less bending is always appreciated, and comfort height toilets are a great solution, as they are typically 2-3 inches higher than traditional toilets.


If you are looking for a Plano remodeling company to help you remodel your home for the long-term, give Pedigo Construction a call today. 

Photo courtesy of  TLC

Photo courtesy of TLC