In North Texas, we’ve got a lot of beige. Warm travertine, golden granite, beige walls – these are staples in most homes in the Plano area.


“But the magazines are telling me grey is the thing! How do I convert my beige home to something more greige?!”


Pedigo Construction gets this question a lot. While Pedigo is a leading home remodeler in Plano, we also specialize in design build projects, which means our designers are up to date on the latest trends. Grey has been hot in home interiors for the last couple years, with no end in sight. If you can’t do an entire kitchen remodel or home remodel with Pedigo Construction right now, here are a few tips for making the transition to greige seamlessly:


·      Paint the Walls Dark Grey: This may sound too bold, but color is all relative to the colors around it. If you have a cool grey paint sample, it’s not going to compliment a creamy white trim. But paint the walls a rich, deep grey, and suddenly those creamy trim pieces look brighter and whiter. Consider Sherwin Williams Dovetail for a sophisticated transformation.


·      Buy Warm Greige Paint: Looking for a lighter, airy grey interior but don’t want to rip out all of your warmer accent tiles and countertops? Consider a grey that has warm undertones and hints of brown, something that will more seamlessly work with the warm tones already in the home. Some of our favorites include Sherwin Williams Repose Grey, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray, and Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.


·      Neutral Accents Can do Wonders: Consider substituting out old accent pieces for new ones, complete with shades of grey, tan, and cool blues all in one. Many of today’s modern accent pieces blend beige and grey to help you make this transition flawlessly.


Need help transitioning your home from beige to greige? Call the experts at Pedigo Construction today and ask to speak to one of our Plano designer experts. Our team of experts can help you make a graceful transition to grey today!