Whether your style is classic, contemporary, farmhouse, Mediterranean, etc. – arches are the perfect way to add character to just about any home. As you are thinking about remodeling your Plano home, take a look at these gorgeous ways to incorporate arches into your next project:



Arches make the perfect focal point for bathtubs in master bathroom remodels. Freestanding tubs look stunning when highlighted with an arch overhead.


Room Transitions

Want an open concept Plano home remodel, but also want to preserve the feel of distinct spaces? Try putting an beautiful arch between the rooms to architectural separate, all while leaving the room wide open. This is a very popular option between living spaces and dining spaces.


Focal Point

Want to make a wall or transition stand out? Try using an arched wall - made out of a different material - to define the space and add character. We love using brick and stone to create transitions that pop.



Front doors set the tone for your entire home. What a guest sees as they walk up to your Plano home gives them a reflection of your home’s style. Why not add a “wow” factor with a gorgeous, arched door? These can be used on the exterior or interior of the home.



Think arches only belong in traditional style homes? Think again! Arches can add character throughout any home remodel, and another great way to use them – even if your style is more casual in nature – is to incorporate them into bookshelves. It’s a beautiful look for living rooms or home offices.



1990s arched windows are out, but full-length, full panel arched windows are very much in. Not only do they add a modern flare, but they also allow tons of natural light into your home.


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