Plan Your Plano Home Remodel with these Apps


Plan Your Plano Home Remodel with these Apps

The invention of the smartphone has done quite a bit to make us…well…smarter. It gives us the tools to do just about anything, even in the home remodeling world. Have you ever thought about using your phone to help plan the remodel? There are many home remodeling apps out there to do just that. Here is a sampling of apps to get you started on dreaming up your Plano home remodel today:




No surprise this one tops our list! Houzz is a hub for inspiration, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, home addition, media room, outdoor kitchen, etc. We love the Houzz app because you can search the endless galleries of photos by using keywords tailored around your preferences.


I.D. Wood


Have you ever been somewhere and thought, “I love these floors! But what are they?” Wonder no more. With the I.D. Wood app, you simple snap a picture of the wood and the app will help you determine what type of flooring it is, whether or not it would work in your space, etc.


Photo Measures


There is no need to carry around a pencil and pad of paper when you can just use the Photo Measures app! Photo Measures allows you to take a picture of the space you are considering remodeling, and then write notes about dimensions and measurements directly on the photo.


Homestyler Interior Design


Nervous about making a big painting decision? Will those hardwood floors you want look right in the space? Try before you buy with Homestyler Interior Design. Upload photos of your space, and then begin manipulating to your liking.


Home Design DIY - Mark on Call


Mark on Call puts the blueprints in your hands, allowing you to put together an ideal room remodel, complete with furniture placement. What a great tool to whip out and show your Plano remodeling company when getting estimates!


Once you have an idea of what type of remodel you have in mind, give the experts at Pedigo Construction a call to execute today!

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Spring is Coming - 4 Remodeling Projects to Consider Now


Spring is Coming - 4 Remodeling Projects to Consider Now

As the chill in the air wears off and tax refunds start rolling in, our phones at Pedigo Construction start ringing off the hook with upcoming Plano remodeling projects. Spring is a great time to start fresh with updates that make you love your home again. Here are 4 remodeling projects to consider doing now that you can enjoy for years to come:


1.     Outdoor Kitchen & Landscaping


We are blessed to live in Plano, Texas – an area where a backyard paradise can be utilized year round! Maximize your backyard space by adding a gourmet, outdoor kitchen, covered patio, outdoor fireplace, pergola, fresh landscaping, flagstone, lights, and more. Pedigo Construction’s goal is to make sure the outdoor space is an extension of the home and blends seamlessly with the rest of the architecture. We are leaders in the Plano outdoor kitchen market.


2.     Bathroom Remodel


Put that tax refund to good use and use it towards a new master bath! Behind kitchens, bathrooms are the next best improvement you can make in terms of return on investment. Whether you are staying for years to come or selling soon, Pedigo’s bathroom remodeling experience will wow you.


3.     Kitchen Remodel


Speaking of kitchen remodeling, did you know that a kitchen remodel is expected to give you over an 80% return on investment? Don’t skimp on countertops or appliances, as buyers notice the upgraded finishes. Work with an expert like Pedigo Construction who can rework the existing space to maximize your Plano kitchen remodel.

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4.     Exterior Appearance Upgrades

In addition to upgrading landscaping, replacing old windows, updating exterior light fixtures, repainting, and even replace outdoor siding can all give your home a fresh, updated look for Spring.  Not only will your home look better, but newer, upgraded windows and siding will improve the energy efficiency of the home.

Thinking about a spring remodeling project in Plano, Texas? Give Pedigo Construction a call today. Our team has years of  expertise in design build projects and remodeling, and we’d love to update your Plano area home today.


2016 Color Trends for your Plano Remodel


2016 Color Trends for your Plano Remodel

Each year everyone wants to know – what are the colors of the year? What is in style? No one wants to remodel their Plano home, only to find the finsishes and colors dated a year or two later.


In recent years, we’ve seen the move from taupes, beiges, and rich colors into lighter and airy color schemes. 2015 ushered in the “year of gray” when everyone was talking about what hue of gray – or greige – to paint your home as the perfect neutral.


So what’s the word on 2016? Pedigo Construction has the scoop for you! Look for these paint colors and palettes to be popular now:


Grays are still hot!


Grays are predicted to continue to be big in 2016, but will move along the spectrum – transitioning from cool grays to warmer grays. You’ll see more hints of yellow undertones, warming up spaces. This means that greiges – a blend between a gray and a beige paint – might be your best bet for a neutral that feels both current and timeless.


White is back in full force.


Pure white walls and trim are making a big comeback as North Texas homeowners are anxious to ditch “heavy,” rich color palettes in favor of a more light and airy look.  But don’t just take it from us. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore chose a shade of white as their “color of the year” for 2016. Sherwin Williams chose Alabaster from its line; Benjamin Moore chose Simple White from theirs.


Baby blues


A perfect compliment to the popular gray and white palettes, blues and blue-greens are expected to be big this year. Again, it won’t be the cool blues as much, but warmer blues that add charm and reflect light well.  The beautiful thing about blues is that they are able to blend warmer and cooler tones throughout the home.


Try an accent wall.


If you love richer, deeper colors, then consider an accent wall that will still keep the space light and airy, but will add a pop. Consider using a richer shade of the colors mentioned above – maybe a deep, charcoal gray or a navy blue with gray undertones.


Not sure what colors to paint within your home? No problem! Let Pedigo Construction help. Pedigo specializes in kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home additions, outdoor spaces, and more. With quality and history you can trust, Pedigo can get help create your Plano dream home – start to finish. Paint and all. Give us a call today!



5 Costly Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid


5 Costly Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

It is easy to get excited about your new Plano remodel and want to get started right away – without thinking through all the details. Learn from the mistakes of others and avoid these 5 costly remodeling mistakes:


1.     Know What You Like


This may seem simple, but it is imperative that you know exactly what you are looking for so that you can effectively share that with your contractor. It is helpful to have pictures on hand to showcase the style and finishes you are expecting. Knowing what you want – and effectively communicating that with the contractor – will save you many headaches down the road.


2. Don’t Choose the Lowest Cost Contractor


We love to save money as much as the next guy, but you may want to think twice before hiring the lowest cost contractor. Many guys will say they can do a job for a certain price, but many times this leads to sub-par quality and construction issues. Hire an honest, reliable, proven Plano contractor that you know has a track record for success – even if he isn’t the cheapest.


3.     Avoid the Temptation to Buy Early


Sales on fixtures, appliances, hardware, etc. can get you excited to buy now! Our advice: don’t buy anything until all of your plans are confirmed and you are sure it’s going to fit your style, budget, and overall site plan. It’s great to get a light fixture on sale, but if it doesn’t go with the design of the room, then it probably wasn’t worth it.


4.     Don’t Be Afraid to Change a Room’s Layout


We see this a lot – particularly with bathrooms. Consult your contractor on the best layout for the room you are remodeling  – whether it’s the same as the current layout or not. If you’re gutting a bathroom, moving a few things around is not a big issue – and you’ll be happier in the long run with a more functional space.


5.     Keep it Classic


Unless you plan to be in your home long-term, avoid overly trendy design features. You may love the latest glass backsplash, but in a few years, that style may make your home look dated. Look for countertops, backsplashes, tile, fixtures, and more that have timeless appeal.


Want an expert Plano contractor to handle your next remodel and help you avoid costly mistakes? Give Pedigo Construction a call today! 


3 Tips for Choosing Wood Flooring - Pedigo Construction Dallas

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3 Tips for Choosing Wood Flooring - Pedigo Construction Dallas

hardwood floors plano pedigo construction

Hardwood floors are definitely still the floor of choice – and are not going anywhere anytime soon. As you approach a Plano home remodel involving hardwood floors, its important to consider all the options for long-term value and aesthetic. Take these tips into account as you explore which choice is best for you:


Consider The Look You Want to Achieve


One of the great things about hardwood flooring is that it is so versatile. Traditional, contemporary, rustic, farmhouse – hardwood can make any room look amazing! Oak, hickory, maple, and cherry are primary choices for hardwood floors in Plano, with oak by far being the most popular. People love oak floors because they hold stain really well and can be customized to any shade of color you are trying to achieve. Cherry is popular in traditional homes; maple for more contemporary styles.


Consider Your Budget


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and hardwood flooring definitely has its share of admirers! The good news for Plano homeowners is that the alternatives get better and better in appearance! If you’re trying to save money on flooring, your best bet is going to be an engineered hardwood floor. Available in many colors, styles, and textures, the wood on the top is real, but then attached to a wood veneer underneath.


Consider the Traffic in the Room


Is your room a high traffic space? Then consider a floor with a matte finish vs. high gloss. High gloss floors show dirt and stains easily, making it a pain to maintain in areas of high traffic flow. Another alternative could be wood-like tile floors. Growing in popularity, the finishes can even mimic the look of hand scraped floors. These are perfect for homes with pools when wet bodies may be exiting and entering the home often.


Considering putting hardwood flooring in your Plano home remodel? Call the experts and Pedigo Construction today and let us give you the run down on all of the options available to you.


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Quartz: Hot Choice for Countertops in 2016 - Pedigo Construction Plano


Quartz: Hot Choice for Countertops in 2016 - Pedigo Construction Plano

We aren’t going to pretend that granite and marble are not still king of the countertop world, but quartz is making great strides in kitchen design. In fact, according to designers with the National Kitchen and Bath Association, quartz surpassed granite and marble as the number 1 countertop used in their kitchen remodels. So what is quartz and why should I consider it for my Plano kitchen remodel? Pedigo Construction has the answers for you!


What is Quartz?


Quartz is an “engineered stone,” meaning you are getting the best of both worlds when choosing quartz. Quartz has crushed bits or chunks of national stone, mixed in with man-made materials like resin and coloring.  Industry leaders in this category include Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, and Zodiaq.


Why Should I Consider Quartz for my Plano Kitchen Remodel?


Many have traditionally shyed away from quartz because of its un-stonelike appearance. Patterns tended to look too uniform, with not enough of a natural stone look. Not so anymore! Pedigo Construction is now seeing quartz with more natural veining, giving it the same allure as granite and marble.  Furthermore, quartz is durable! Since it’s not a natural stone, there is no need to seal it, it repels stains, and it is impervious to scratches. Pricing for quartz is on par with granite and marble, with granite running about $75 per square foot, quartz about $80 per square foot, and marble about $85 per square foot. We are seeing homeowners who want low maintenance homes, and quartz fits the bill.


Interested in putting quartz in your Plano kitchen remodel? Give Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas a call! We’re booking fast for Spring 2016 kitchen remodels and would love to visit with you about your dream kitchen and make your dreams a reality. Proudly serving Plano, McKinney, Allen, Richardson, Dallas, Lewisville, Flower Mound, and the surrounding communities.

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Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Plano Kitchen Remodel


Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Plano Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling can be stressful. With choices abounding in cabinets, backsplashes, tiles, hardware, appliances, etc. – there are so many decisions to be made.


When it comes to cabinets, there are 3 main aesthetics on the market, each meeting different needs for different Plano kitchen remodels:


Wood Cabinets


When you think of cabinets, you immediately think of wood. It’s the industry standard. They are traditional, and frankly, they are the expected cabinet type. The beauty of wood cabinets is that they can be customized to fit any design and style within your Dallas kitchen remodel. Not only are a variety of woods available, but many varieties of wood stain well – particularly oak – so you can get the exact color you are looking for with ease. If you are looking for a timeless material that is versatile and appealing to all, then wood is an excellent option for you.


Open Shelf Cabinets


Open shelving is beautiful and trendy, and often used to highlight a certain part of the kitchen or be used to display pretty dishes that a homeowner has. Open shelving offers an airy openness to the kitchen and is usually seen as more trendy or modern. While appealing to many kitchen designers, open cabinetry is not without flaws. If you are going for an open concept kitchen, you have to keep all shelves organized and pretty at all times. Not to mention, dust can accumulate on the shelving, requiring you to keep them clean – just as you would any other shelf. Open shelves are often used in combination with wooden cabinets so that you can highlight certain dishes or store commonly used items, and then put the rest out of sight.


Flat Panel Cabinets


If you want something inherently modern in your Dallas kitchen remodel, then you might want to look into flat panel cabinets. Flat panel cabinets are simply that – cabinets with no ornamentation – and so they are contemporary and sleek by nature. Many are made of metal, while they can also be made out of wood.


Need help with a Plano kitchen remodel? Pedigo Construction is your one stop shop for your kitchen remodeling needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design, build, and finish out the kitchen of your dreams. Give us a call today for Spring 2016 remodels!


5 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Traffic Flow


5 Ways to Maximize Kitchen Traffic Flow

When doing a kitchen remodel in Plano, one of the most important things to consider is the “flow.” Where will the appliances be? Is there space to move around? Are my needs going to be met by the remodeled space?

Here are 5 things to consider when designing your Plano kitchen remodel:

1.     Consider the Work Triangle

Kitchen remodeling 101 tells you to make sure your kitchen workspace is compact and easy to move around in. The “work triangle” is comprised of the refrigerator, cooktop, and sink, and ideally, these paths would be between 4-9 ft. long in order to maximize the workability of the space.


2.     Create Adequate Aisle Space

It’s tempting to squeeze in as many cabinets and kitchen gadgets as you can, but be careful not to compromise walking space. Somewhere around 42 inches is the standard aisle space between countertops, but if you have a high traffic area in the kitchen, 48 inches will give you more breathing room.


3.     Keep Entry Points Free & Clear

Consider all entry points when placing cabinets and appliances. Keep entry points free of blockage from appliance doors swinging open, cabinets, stools where someone could be sitting, etc.


4.     Plan an Island Carefully

Everyone loves an open concept kitchen with a big island for guests to mingle around. If you are considering an island with seating, make sure seating faces the work space, but remains out of the work triangle.


5.     Optimize the Space for You

Think through how you will use the kitchen and tailor it to your needs. Will you be entertaining a lot and need access to the trash compactor? Consider putting it a door or two down from the sink, so that it’s not blocked if someone is working at the sink. Have certain utensils and ingredients you always use at the cooktop? Plan for optimal storage that is an arms-length away.


Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas would love to help you with your Plano kitchen remodelGive us a call today to schedule a consult, and our design team can go to work on creating your dream kitchen.



Watch for These 5 Bathroom Trends in 2016

2015 is winding down and many are already wondering, “What will the trends be in 2016?” Pedigo Construction specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Plano, Texas, so our team of experts is always on the look out for the latest and greatest trends. Here are a 5 bathroom trends to watch for in 2016:

1.     Pops of Color

While white subway tile and neutral walls are still very hot, expect to see more creative tile uses. Surprisingly black tile has made a huge resurgence, accompanied by pops of color on the walls and even floral wallpaper is making a comeback. Not quite ready to jump to the black tile and bright walls? Some of our favorite subway and mosaic tiles come in variety of softer hues that still lend color to a bathroom.

pedigo construction tile

2.     Natural Features

In 2015, bathroom design experts witnessed more people incorporating greenery into the design of the bathroom, adding accent walls and hanging plants throughout. The trend is expected to continue in 2016, so make room for at least a potted plant or two on the countertop.

green wall pedigo construction

3.     A Variety of Metals

Stainless steel is still hot, but bronze and gold are back in full force. Look for brighter metallic fixtures to be more prominent features of the Plano bathroom remodel in 2016.

pedigo construction brass

4.     More Than Just Granite Counters

Texas residents are embracing stones throughout the bathroom, and not just on the countertop. Expect to see more sinks and tubs made of stone and minerals, adding beautiful, natural focal points to the bathroom.

stone tub pedigo construction

5.     Locally Sourced Items

The move toward locally sourced items is not just a fad. More and more Plano residents want to know where their stuff is from. Expect to see more artisanal items in the bathroom – whether it’s a handcrafted sink or accent rug.

Pedigo Construction specializes in Plano bathroom remodeling and would love to design a bathroom that is beautiful, on trend, and perfectly fits your needs. Give us a call today!


Pedigo Construction Can Get Your Home Show Ready!


Pedigo Construction Can Get Your Home Show Ready!

The holiday season is fast approaching, but are you worried your house isn’t ready for guests? Considering a home addition or a kitchen overhaul? Or maybe you are thinking of selling this upcoming Spring season and know you need to do some work in order to get top dollar.

Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas is here to help! Colin Pedigo has extensive knowledge of remodeling, new home construction, and light commercial construction. His expertise shows in each facet of the job, providing the utmost in customer service and excellence during every step of the project.

So what types of home construction projects can Pedigo Construction handle?


Our team of experts can help with any Plano home remodeling needs you may have, but specizles in kitchen and bathroom remodels. With years of experience under our belts, the team at Pedigo can draw up new plans for a more functional, user friendly space. We believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so hours of work is done behind the scenes to ensure that the space works for your needs and flows. And if you want a project that will give you a huge ROI, then a bathroom remodel is the way to go. All the latest styles, finishes, and comforts are available from Pedigo, installed with quality craftsmanship that stands above the rest.

Home Addition

Additions are tricky, and we get that. We’ve done a lot of them, and our team knows that the key to a good addition is that it seamlessly blends into the rest of the home, and never feels like an addition at all. While this may be difficult for some general contractors, our team feels confident that we can design and build a Plano home addition you will be proud of.

Outdoor Living Spaces

What better way to make your home feel bigger than to add usable living space outside. Pergolas, patio covers, outdoor patios that are tied into the roof, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, etc. are some of our favorite jobs to do!

Design Build Specialists

Have a dream project but aren’t sure who can design and build something tailored to your specific needs? Pedigo Construction loves designing new projects that bring your dreams into reality! Wine cellars, media rooms, pool houses, etc. – let Pedigo show you why we are the Plano home remodeling experts!







Plan Your Home Renovation this Fall and Start Reaping the Benefits Now

Summer is over, and you’ve now settled back into your home with a full fall schedule and school back in session. As you glance around your Plano home, you may be thinking to yourself, “Wow, I’d love to plan a home renovation, but is Fall a good time to do that?!”

The simple answer is YES! Here’s why:

1.     The Holiday Season is Fast Approaching

Wouldn’t you love to invite all of the family over for a great big Thanksgiving meal, and show off your newly remodeled master bath? Or maybe there’s a home addition project you’ve been eyeing. With the holiday season approaching, now is a great time to jump in and get your remodel done before you start entertaining. Pedigo Construction can do the work now, and you can thank us later!

2.     A Fresh, Updated House is More Inviting

During the Fall and Winter months, we naturally spend more time inside our homes, snuggled up by the fire or cooking extravagant meals for the holidays. Wouldn’t you love to be cooking that big Christmas Dinner in a brand new remodeled kitchen?! Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas has expertly crafted dozens of kitchen remodels, customized to your tastes from start to finish.

3.     Tax Incentive

As the year draws to a close, we begin thinking about that dreaded word – taxes. But there is a silver lining. Some home purchases – like new kitchen appliances for example – are eligible for tax credits. If you make those purchases by the end of the year, then you can claim those purchases on your 2015 taxes.

The home renovation experts at Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas are here to help you with all of your home renovation needs.  From a Plano kitchen remodel, to a brand new master bathroom, to a simple update with fresh floors, hardware, and paint, Pedigo Construction is your one-stop shop. Proudly serving the Park Cities, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Southlake, and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

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Warm Up Your Patio This Fall!


Warm Up Your Patio This Fall!

As the leaves Fall and the days get cooler, you may not think you can use your patio anymore! Thankfully, we live in North Texas, and in Texas, a patio can be comfortable year round with the addition of a little heat.

Pedigo Construction Group specializes in outdoor patios in Plano and would love to help you add a little warmth to your home this season. Here are a few options on how to do just that!

Built-In Fireplace

By far one of the most beautiful options out there. Not only does it add warmth, but it also adds an amazing focal point to the space. Our team of experts will customize the fireplace to meet your needs and match your home's existing exterior. Brick, stucco, and stone are all very popular styles. From designing to building, Pedigo Construction Group can do it all!

Fire Pit

Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, and range from permanent to mobile. Decide what works best for your space. They can easily be purchased or you can add a permanent built in option with seating all around and more. Just ask our staff to show you pictures of the work we’ve done with Plano firepit installations!

Patio Covers

If you don’t already have a covering of some sort on your patio, a patio cover or arbor not only frames the space out, but it adds warmth and shelter.


Once your patio cover or arbor is installed, add curtains that you can open and close to your liking. This will keep the bugs out and better insulate the space.

Candles, Lanterns, and Décor

Warmth doesn’t always have to be about heat! Add ambiance and warmth to the space by decorating your patio with candles, lanterns, or even stringing up lights. Lighting does wonders to warm up a space, and make it more functional as the days grow shorter and evenings grow longer.

Interested in warming up your North Texas patio this Fall? Give Pedigo Construction a call for all of your Plano outdoor patio needs!

plano outdoor fireplace