As the leaves Fall and the days get cooler, you may not think you can use your patio anymore! Thankfully, we live in North Texas, and in Texas, a patio can be comfortable year round with the addition of a little heat.

Pedigo Construction Group specializes in outdoor patios in Plano and would love to help you add a little warmth to your home this season. Here are a few options on how to do just that!

Built-In Fireplace

By far one of the most beautiful options out there. Not only does it add warmth, but it also adds an amazing focal point to the space. Our team of experts will customize the fireplace to meet your needs and match your home's existing exterior. Brick, stucco, and stone are all very popular styles. From designing to building, Pedigo Construction Group can do it all!

Fire Pit

Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, and range from permanent to mobile. Decide what works best for your space. They can easily be purchased or you can add a permanent built in option with seating all around and more. Just ask our staff to show you pictures of the work we’ve done with Plano firepit installations!

Patio Covers

If you don’t already have a covering of some sort on your patio, a patio cover or arbor not only frames the space out, but it adds warmth and shelter.


Once your patio cover or arbor is installed, add curtains that you can open and close to your liking. This will keep the bugs out and better insulate the space.

Candles, Lanterns, and Décor

Warmth doesn’t always have to be about heat! Add ambiance and warmth to the space by decorating your patio with candles, lanterns, or even stringing up lights. Lighting does wonders to warm up a space, and make it more functional as the days grow shorter and evenings grow longer.

Interested in warming up your North Texas patio this Fall? Give Pedigo Construction a call for all of your Plano outdoor patio needs!

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