Closets are just for storage in the home, right?! WRONG!

Today’s homeowners need storage solutions that transcend the typical dark closet with shelves. More and more, our clients at Pedigo Construction in Plano, Texas are requesting Plano closet solutions to make their closets more functional extensions of their rooms within the home.

Zillow Digs recently released its 2015 Home Design Trend Forecast, naming the best and worst closet trends for today, and we couldn’t agree more with their findings!

Best in Show

·      Transparent Storage Solutions: Homeowners are wanting to be able to see the things in their closet more clearly, both as a form of display and as a means to find things more easily! Expect to see more frosted finishes, see through drawers, etc. This is particularly true of bedroom closets that are truly becoming an extension of the bedroom.

·      Spotlights: One of the biggest trends this year has been spotlight lighting, accenting portions of the closet and giving closets in the home the same lighting and ambiance that you might see in a boutique.

·      Combining Finishes: It’s no longer enough to paint your closet one shade of white and call it good. Particularly in bedroom closets, homeowners want to customize their Plano closet solutions to their tastes. Expect to see mixtures of wood and metal, dark leather and light finishes, etc.

So Last Year

·      Doors: The big trend in closets is to make the closet a part of the room, not a place to hide your things. Expect to see sliding barn doors, curtains, and more open solutions for separating the closet from the room.

·      One Size Fits All: Designers agree that customization is on the rise across the board. Homeowners do not want to go to a big box store and grab a few wire racks and a clothing bar. Plano homeowners want a mixture of baskets, shelves, wood, leather, and other personal touches to make the closet their own.

·      Dark Closets: Lighting and clear visibility to all in the space are of key importance to today’s homeowner.

If you are looking for a closet remodel in Plano, look no further than Pedigo Construction! Our team of experts can help you through every stage of the process! Give us a call today.

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