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Hardwood floors are definitely still the floor of choice – and are not going anywhere anytime soon. As you approach a Plano home remodel involving hardwood floors, its important to consider all the options for long-term value and aesthetic. Take these tips into account as you explore which choice is best for you:


Consider The Look You Want to Achieve


One of the great things about hardwood flooring is that it is so versatile. Traditional, contemporary, rustic, farmhouse – hardwood can make any room look amazing! Oak, hickory, maple, and cherry are primary choices for hardwood floors in Plano, with oak by far being the most popular. People love oak floors because they hold stain really well and can be customized to any shade of color you are trying to achieve. Cherry is popular in traditional homes; maple for more contemporary styles.


Consider Your Budget


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and hardwood flooring definitely has its share of admirers! The good news for Plano homeowners is that the alternatives get better and better in appearance! If you’re trying to save money on flooring, your best bet is going to be an engineered hardwood floor. Available in many colors, styles, and textures, the wood on the top is real, but then attached to a wood veneer underneath.


Consider the Traffic in the Room


Is your room a high traffic space? Then consider a floor with a matte finish vs. high gloss. High gloss floors show dirt and stains easily, making it a pain to maintain in areas of high traffic flow. Another alternative could be wood-like tile floors. Growing in popularity, the finishes can even mimic the look of hand scraped floors. These are perfect for homes with pools when wet bodies may be exiting and entering the home often.


Considering putting hardwood flooring in your Plano home remodel? Call the experts and Pedigo Construction today and let us give you the run down on all of the options available to you.


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