The mudroom has come a long way since it’s origins. What was once a place to throw your bags and take off shoes has now become a hub of the home. If you are remodeling a Plano area home, we highly recommend adding a custom mudroom to the plan. Adding a mudroom does not have to be expensive and will pay dividends down the road in terms of resale and usability. You will wonder how you ever lived without a mudroom! Consider these essentials for planning your Plano mudroom today:


1.     Space for All


Pedigo Construction works with busy families every days – in fact we are busy families ourselves! – so we know a thing or two about all of the “stuff” that is brought in and out of the home each day. Soccer cleats, dance bags, purses, etc. When creating a mudroom, consider your family activities, and then give everyone their own unique space to store their personal gear. Most commonly this is done with easily accessible hooks, or even lockers for each family member.


2.     Non-skid, durable floors


Consider using a durable, non-skid floor in your mudroom space. Due to the high traffic, the floor will likely get muddy and wet on a regular basis, so easy cleaning is a must. Plus, you would hate for someone to slip and fall with wet shoes!


3.     Make it the Hub of the Home


Most custom, new construction Plano homes include elaborate mudrooms, with the idea that the mudroom is the hub of the home. Some are adjoined with the laundry room in a large, free-flowing space; others include an office and workspace for paying bills or working remotely. Consider adding an office, gift wrapping station, crafting area, and more to your Plano mudroom.


If you would like to include a mudroom with your Plano remodel, give Pedigo Construction a call today! Our team can design and build a mudroom to suit YOUR family’s specific needs.