When deciding to do a Dallas kitchen remodel, you know you want everything to be perfect. Since the kitchen is typically the hub of the home, you’ll want to make sure that the materials you pick – from the cabinets, to the lighting, to the appliances, and of course countertops! – fit your needs.

Countertops are perhaps one of the most important materials to “get right” because there is so much that they are used for on a daily basis. Before picking the countertop for your next kitchen remodel with Pedigo Construction, consider these questions:

How often will I use the surface?

Will you be preparing meals 3 times a day on your countertops – or do you eat out and only prepare meals occasionally? Your actual use of the countertops makes a huge difference in what might be best for your family. Solid surface countertops – like Corian – are very durable and generally stain resistant, making them an excellent choice for an active kitchen. Granite and other natural stone countertops are still the ever popular choice in countertops, but depending on the type, it may require more maintenance and care.

What is my countertop budget?

The type of countertop you choose may come down to how much of your overall Dallas kitchen remodel budget is dedicated to the countertops. Exotic granites and natural stones are gorgeous, but often pricey. Laminate and concrete countertops are on the opposite end of the spectrum, and provide many options in terms of style. An easy to find granite can be a good option, as it is generally more affordable and still looks beautiful with any style of kitchen.

What is my style?

The style of kitchen will be a key part of determining which kitchen countertop works best for you. Traditional kitchens lend themselves toward stone or solid surface countertops; a more modern kitchen may use concrete or wood. Or your may choose to mix and match styles on the main workspaces and the island. One thing is for sure – there is a style for everyone!

Not sure which countertop will work best in your new kitchen remodel in Dallas? Then give our team at Pedigo Construction a call today! Our team of experts can walk you through all of your options and help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

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