Unfortunately, when many people think of remodeling or construction companies, their minds immediately thinks of missed deadlines, shortcuts in construction, or poor customer service. Not surprising, since many have had bad experiences in the past.

At Pedigo Construction, our mission is to be anything BUT that. Our mission statement is simple: “Excellent in Home Renovation.” This means that each home renovation project in Dallas will be done with the highest levels of customer service, craftsmanship, design, architecture, and process.

One thing Pedigo Construction really excels in is Dallas home additions. Because we are more than your average remodeling company, our team has really found a niche where we can soar. Not only do we do these additions well, but we do them faster and more cost effectively than our competition. How, you say?

First off – our team specializes in additions, remodels, specialty rooms, and outdoor spaces in Dallas. Pedigo Construction does not do full new home builds; and therefore, we have the time and resources to focus on your project and timeline.

Secondly, Pedigo Construction is a member of CBUSA, a purchasing co-op of sorts for materials. CBUSA is nationally known as a leading purchasing partner and the 11th largest builder in the country with all members accounted for collectively. This allows Pedigo Construction more purchasing power at lower costs on your home addition in Dallas, that we can then pass along to you.

If you are interested in doing an addition to your Dallas home, or have an idea for a specialty space, give us a call today! Our staff will work with you to identify your needs and keep your ideas and plans at the forefront throughout the Dallas design build process. Pedigo Construction is proud to serve the Park Cities, Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and the surrounding communities in North Texas.

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